Are your products completely Made in the USA?

Yes! I craft all products in my workshop right here in Massachusetts. The leather I use is sourced from premium American tanneries, and selected to provide the highest quality product. Depending on availability I generally use Wickett & Craig leather which is in Curwensville, PA. Even the thread we use is made in the State of Maine!


Do you really hand stitch everything?

Yes! Unless otherwise noted, I saddle stitch by hand. This is the traditional method of stitching leather, and provides a very secure and strong product, as each stitch is locked with a knot. This means of a stitch were to ever break, the thread will not continue to unravel past the broken stitch. 

My wallet arrived with a scar/scratch/mark on it, is this normal?

Lucky you, you got some extra character! I choose each piece of leather to make sure it will create an item of distinction. Real leather comes from steer that live outside, and their hides tell the story of that animals life. Scars, bites, wrinkles, and brands are all part of that story. Just like scars and tattoos on a person, these little imperfections make for a more interesting piece of leather!

Will you monogram or add a name to my item? 

Yes I will.